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Dream Analysis Outline Valerie V.A. Conner PSY330: Theories of Personality Prof. Cassandra Jella September 7, 2013 I. Introduction Dreams have been around since the bible days, and there have been interpretations of dreams for just as long. However, when the psychology discipline began not only were Psychiatrist able to get a better understanding of our dreams, but we are able to see how our dreams work on a subconscious level. We are finally able to establish what dreams mean as well as why we have dreams. II. Recently two famous dream theorists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have changed the way we analyze and study our dreams and because of their studies on dreams it has had an impact on the human mind. A. There are a vast amount of symbols that is in our Dream Dictionary that gives a dreamer a chance to become more aware of their inner self and insight on what is going on and needs to be attended to. B. Analyzing dreams has been around and didn't just happen when the psychologist became a discipline, and was able to be interpreted medically. There are dream symbols that have been around as far back as 4000 B.C.E and keep changing as the world evolves. C. It is very interesting to be able to determine why someone would have the same dreams over and over again. So perhaps knowing why we have certain dreams will allow us to better understand why we have the dreams that we have. III. Despite Freud’s saying that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious, the use of dream analysis by therapists working with Borderline Personality Disorders and other severe psychiatric conditions has in the past two decades fallen into a state of decline, if not outright neglect. We must explore why this has happened because people are still having dreams. A. Using this article to show the enduring effectiveness of dream

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