Examples Of Racism In Pleasantville

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Ethan Dowie The movie Crash portrayed what was happening in present time society because it racism that goes on showed the amount of racism that goes on that people don’t know about. It also showed the different types of stereotypes different cultures had for each other. The movie Pleasantville mainly showed how badly people can react to change, and how they think things are meant to remain the same. But people started to realize change was for the best, and made it easier for people to express themselves. The overall opinion of Crash was that racism will never change, and that there is no way to stop it. It also showed how all cultures is prejudice to each other, in more ways than one. In some ways this is an agreeable statement but for the most part is false. This is because racism can be stopped there just has to be many people dedicated to stopping it and would have to take a significant amount of steps to stop it.…show more content…
For example he was stuck in a different reality and he knew what to do and never panicked, and eventually got out because of his smarts. Crash was the best movie because the writing could be related to life very easily for certain types of people. The acting in the movie was also incredible. The class most likely agrees with me because of how real the acting was. The movie was nominated for many awards proving how great it was. Djengo unchained would be a great movie in addition to these was because like Crash it showed how bad racism was, even though it was during a completely different time period. It showed how bad people can act in certain situations, and how badly people were treated back

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