The Truman Show Satire

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What do you get when you cross peter weir with Jim Carrey? A satire of modern media. A mockery of the life we live. r a masterpiece some may say or simply The Truman show. When I say Jim Carrey what films spring to your tongue? The Grinch, dumb and dumber, Ace Ventura? Maybe even a series of unfortunate events? I personally asosiate these films with an annoying, melodramatic actor, who to be honest put me off ever wanting to press the little button on the left of my remote. Its hard to say this but, I lara ferguson actually enjoyed a Jim carrey film! Unlike in his other films, I actually could look at the screen without cringing but actually laughing. I would like to say this was down to the brilliant script writing of Andre Niccol, wich would naturally…show more content…
Who is beautiful, kind and clever. The perfect wife I hear you say , exactly she is fake! Niccol has ingeniously given the film a much more deep plot, which I would have thought would put Carrey out of his comfort zone, but evidently not. The Truman show, is a satire of modern media. Truman thinks he ives and ordinary life as an ordinary man, but has no idea how his life is being manipulated to suit the viewer. How long has it been since you have wathed tv? 10, 20 ,30 minutes ? maybe less. I now guarantee you watched the adverts, a saw a product you liked. You may even have gone on to buy it. This is the evect media has on us. Products are forcefully shoved infront of us at every moment possibly a in an attempt to sell, and make money. We every day are indoctrinated with product placement everyday, whether it is obvious ( tv adverts) or more subtle ( like in a film). The Truman show takes the subtle approach, but to the obvious extreme. Millions of people watch the Truman show, people generally look up to Truman. They want to be like him. And the t.v producers take advantage of this, just like in our rea lives. People use our natural emotions to their own

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