The Truman Show

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On the Air, Unaware On the ten thousand nine hundred and ninth day of Truman Burbank’s seemingly ordinary life, things begin to change. The 1998 American film, The Truman Show, is a fantastic piece that brings up the omnipresence of media in a humorous, satirical, and thought-provoking way. In this movie, Truman Burbank lives a happy life. However, what he doesn’t know is that he has been the star of a hit reality television show since birth, his hometown is a huge Hollywood set, and everyone around him is an actor following a script. Truman is played by Jim Carrey, one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood and a two-time Golden Globe award winner—one of which is from his performance in this movie. Carrey is a wonderful actor to play Truman because he is so likeable and his comedic background keeps the character light-hearted despite the deep meaning and dramatic sequences in the film. One of the large thematic elements of The Truman Show is how much television (and the media as a whole) takes over our lives, but the movie also makes use of our own familiarity with television. In the film, the characters in the show frequently display—front and center—product placements that seem largely out of place for real life. However, since Truman has experienced this his entire life, he doesn’t find them strange at all. This represents the commercialization of television through advertising and exaggerates the idea that the purpose of marketing is solely for profit. Also, the viewers of the TV show within the film believe that The Truman Show is a lifestyle. This is an illustration of our addiction to the media and what it spits out to the public, whether it is true or not. The ending of The Truman Show leaves your mind to wander while also feeling resolute. This movie has impacted society by openly displaying our hunger for knowing private details of ordinary lives.
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