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Ryan Greenwood Barbara Williamson Humanities 141 21 Jan. 2013 The Guilt Trip This family-friendly film comes from director Anne Fletcher. She’s also directed the movies The Proposal (2009) and 27 Dresses (2008). This road trip comedy revolves around a mother and son instead of two men like in Due Date (2010) or two ladies such as in The Sweetest Thing (2002). This scenario that not many would want to be in makes for an up and down cross-country jaunt. This tail tells of a young inventor named Andy Brewster(Seth Rogan) and how he will be going across the states, from New Jersey to Las Vegas in hopes of selling his organic cleaning product. After having a heart-to-heart with his widowed mother, he asks her to accompany him on his trip. His mother Joyce(Barbra Streisand), not to sure what his motive is, springs at the chance to spend time with her baby boy. Like any mother, she has advice and criticism on almost every aspect of his existence which can turn anybodies day upside down. Also, Andy has a secret agenda to see if he can put a spark in his mom’s romantic life by possibly crossing paths with an old flame of hers. Going into this movie, I didn’t have very high expectations which probably explains why I was pleasantly surprised. The Guilt Trip is far from a cinematic masterpiece but it has its tender moments that most anybody can relate to. My favorite aspect of this movies is how it didn’t shy away from the moments of sadness or regret. It’s easy for actors to stage pratfalls and speak profanity. What’s not so easy is creating a relationship between two individuals whose conflict meshes easily with the individuals in the audience. Seth Rogan and Barbra Streisand make a good team and you with both feel their pain and share in their moments of fun and laughter. Rogan was cast expertly to his strengths and it was great to see him as just a regular guy

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