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Fruitvale Station was a 90-minute ambitious do-gooder film directed by Ryan Coogler, looking at the glimpse of the events leading up to the senseless murder of (Whitaker & Coogler, 2013). a young black man named Oscar Grant by a Bart police officer in 2009. I just don’t understand black men are humans are they not? Not monsters, but reflecting on what I watched and the way those young black men were treated I think otherwise. The movie in a nut about Oscar Grant, a 22-year young black man who had trouble in the past with the law, a beautiful young daughter, recently was fired from his job at the local supermarket. The first two minutes of the movie opens up with actual footage of the Fruitvale BART station new Years day 2009 in Oakland, California 2:15 am. There was a lot of commotion going on, then a single shot the sound of shock and disbelief, and then the movie fades to black (Whitaker & Coogler, 2013). From there is where I started to discover about Oscar. It was new year’s eve 2008 in Hayward, California and Oscar girlfriend Sophia, reminded him about getting caught with another woman and he responses by saying it is over with and promises all he wants. The director try’s show that Oscar was a changed man by adding caring loving father scenes like dressing his daughter in the kitchen, brushing the teeth, dropping his daughter off to day care. Other scenes he was an obedient son the dialogue between him and his mall when he was on a cell phone and driving his car, and the market scene where he helps the white girl by calling grandma Bonnie and helping the dog that got hit a car makes them seem like a humanitarian. After finding out Oscar lost his job, he gets called from his sister Chantey, who needs to borrow $300 to make rent. No job rent is due for the month, Oscar dilemma sell could be solved by selling marijuana but the director gives the

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