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1/20/12 Sociology of Sports “The Blind Side” The movie, “The Blind Side” which opened in the box office in November, 2009, is based on the true life account of a wealthy, upper class woman, Leigh Anne Tuohy, who has a big heart and a love for the sport of football. Mrs. Tuohy, played by Sandra Bullock, takes in a homeless black teen and helps him to get an education and eventually play pro-football for the Baltimore Ravens. The Blind Side is a film about a young man’s hardships, a woman's values and faith, and the family's relationship with one other. It’s about how one family reached across class and race to give one young man love, support, the prospect of an education, and a career in football. I chose to analyze this film because it depicts the modern social issues of poverty, racial inequality, and even more perfectly, the sociology of sports. “The Blind Side” is about a young African-American man named Michael Oher, who had no place to live because of his drug-addicted mother and absent father. One evening, the Tuohy family drove by Michael walking along the road. He was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts in 30 degree weather so Mrs. Tuohy told her husband to turn around and the emotional story began to unfold. The Tuohy family took “Big Mike” in and enrolled him in the all-white Wingate Christian School where the two Tuohy children attended. Mrs. Tuohy hired a tutor who helped Michael succeed in the classroom, and both parents played an active role in changing Michael’s life as they encouraged him to go out for the high school football team, and invited him to officially become part of their family. Eventually Michael succeeded in all departments and went on to be the first-round NFL draft pick and is currently the starting offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. Racial stereotypes are very clear throughout the film. Michael is

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