Martin Luther King and Malcom X Essay

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Martin Luther King and Malcom X In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s their was ongoing controversy and protests relating to racial segregation and civil rights. Two black men who greatly contributed to the civil rights movement, and were known as the stars were, Martin Luther King and Malcom X. They both wanted rights for the black population but had different beliefs and different ways to go about achieving their goals. Many things contributed to their beliefs on racial segregation and civil rights such as childhood memories, education or religious reasons. Martin Luther King was raised in a middle class home where his parents knew the value of a good education. Martin completed K-12 schooling by the age of 15 years old and began to study ministry and was also enrolled in college. By the end of his senior year he told his dad he wanted to be a part of the ministry. His dad, Michael King Sr., was a pastor and later adopted the name Martin Luther King Sr. when he became a successful minister. Martin Luther King Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps and became a pastor as well. This helped to influence the way he protested. He was a nonviolent speaker and wanted blacks and whites to be equal in society together not separated. He was a very good public speaker and many blacks along with whites supported his belief of being equal. Malcom X did not have the same lifestyle that Martin had the ability to grow up with. As a child he watched his house get burned down by the Klu Klux Klan which filled him with anger and hate towards white people. His father was killed by white supremacists and his mom, in shock from the murder, had to be put into a mental institution which left Malcom living with all family friends. He went to school but felt like the school pet because he was the only black student. He dropped out of school and later started doing drugs which landed him

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