The Importance of Football in Odessa Texas (Friday Night Lights)

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The town of Odessa, Texas was founded in 1881 as a water stop and cattle shipping point until it strucked oil in 1927. The oil became a major draw for new residents and skyrocketed from 750 people in 1925 to 10,000 during WWII. 1988 was when Friday Night Lights took place. Based on a true story, Friday Nights Lights was a book by H.G. Bissinger in which was about a high school football team, the Permian panther’s hardships the Team players and coach to make it and win the state championships. The population Odessa is in love with football to the point the culture revolves around the team, themselves. Football is culturally important in Odessa. One of the examples of football being culturally important would be pepettes. Pepettes are a mostly female pep club. The main purpose of Pepettes is to promote school spirit and loyalty to their home high school, but for Odessa, their main purpose is to serve or satisfy the football players they were assigned. It shows how important football is in Odessa because pepettes are practically volunteered servants for football players in Odessa. Another example why football is culturally important is football is a masculant sport can considered a rite of passage to manhood. Football is contact sport and you have to physically knock down people if you want to advance in the game. Football is culturally important because most parents would want their children to be tough. Football players are usually described to be tough and Texas is a tough country. In Friday Night Lights, the team couldn’t do have as much if they weren’t funded by boosters. People who donate or fundraise for sports, football especially, would be booster. A group of people would be a booster club, which are vital to any sport. A booster club is able to raise funds to help the sports team buy more equipment, exercise tools, and or to better the home playing

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