Rain Man Movie Review

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All my life, I have always been very understanding and sympathetic towards individuals with mental disabilities. My cousin has a mental disability called Fragile X, which is a chromosomal abnormality that causes the individual to be cognitively and mentally impaired. Because of my experiences with my cousin and my love for him as a person, the beginning of Rain Man really disturbed me in a way that put me in an emotional state with the film right off the bat. The film Rain Man shows true compassion and character shift accurately throughout it, making it a very entertaining and serious movie to pay attention to. Acting is impeccable to this type of movie. The way Dustin Hoffman plays Raymond in the movie is absolutely great. To make a movie about a mental disorder is one thing, but to make a movie about a mental disorder along with having an actual character in the movie with a mental disability played by an actor without an actual disability is another thing. The way Hoffman played this part was perfect in the sense that he did not overdo his acting, yet he also did not under do the job he was given. There is a fine line between making fun of or mocking an individual with a mental disability and actually truthfully acting out how someone is with a real disability. Again, Hoffman does this very well and does not make the viewer feel as if he is making fun of anyone at all. Tom Cruise also plays his role very well, showing almost no remorse or sympathy towards his brother, Raymond, when they first meet. It takes a certain type of person to be able to act that out completely and make it believable. The entire topic of the movie is a very sensitive one, so Cruise was exceptional in making the viewer believe that he truly just wanted to get his half of the money from Raymond, and not build a relationship with him. Rain Main was entertaining because it kept you thinking

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