Nfl Football vs. College Football

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College Football vs NFL Football Jeff Grey Herzing University One of the most popular sports in the United States is football. Two of the major types of football watched by millions of people are college football and National Football League (NFL) football. In order to understand the game, a person needs to know how these two types of football differ. While most of the rules and regulations are the same, there are some significant differences which affect the way the game is played. College and NFL football have the same rules and regulations in most areas. Both of them start the game with a coin toss to decide who get the ball first and who is at which end of the field. In both of them there are four quarters that consist of fifteen minutes each. Both leagues allow four downs to gain ten yards for a first down. The scoring is also the same in both college football and the NFL. A team get six points for a touchdown, three points for a field goal, two points for a safety, and one point for an extra point. They both have the same number of players on the field at the same time. Also in both being inside the twenty is called being in the red zone. Players on both teams wear similar types of uniforms and use the same safety equipment such as pads and helmets. Those are just some of the many similarities in college football and the NFL. There are five major rule differences in college and NFL football and a few minor differences. The first major difference is that the hash marks on NFL fields are narrower than the ones on college football fields. This is because pros start play towards the middle of the field and the marks don’t end up meaning much when it comes to the calling of plays. In college football games, the marks are wider because they are used more. It makes kicking games harder to manage. Also, the marks make it so that sweeps to the short side

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