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Amari Osbourne ENG 101 Professor Lane A Gamers Dream At the beginning of this NFL offseason, it looked as if the Players Association and owners would never settle their differences. Eventually both sides smartened up and came to a deal, and fans will now be able to put all there focus on NFL Sundays again. One game that was never in danger of being locked out is EA Sports’ Madden 12 franchise. With enhancements in presentation, gameplay, and both online and offline modes, EA has pushed this year’s version of virtual football as close to the real thing as possible. Madden 12‘s presentation takes great leaps and bounds over last year’s instalment. For the first time ever in Madden all the NFL teams have their own individual team entrances. I must admit, I did get a little amped the first time I watched my Jacksonville Jaguars run out on the Everbank field with the Jubotron in the background. This year EA’ developed new camera technology that has allowed the developers to use photos & videos shot by NFL Films. This definitely makes the game more authentic, even if these pieces are just your QB getting directions from the coaches or players chanting on the side-line. Now facial expressions (such as smiling after big plays) are now really noticeable because of the new camera technology. The bad thing about these improvements is that…show more content…
Now you earn points in practice and in games, then use those point to improve your abilities. While a little extra depth is always a good thing, there are clearly some glaring steadiness concerns where a back isn’t really involved in some plays at all (aside from blocking), but still receives credit deductions for QB sacks, catches, even though they’re not being involved in the play. It just seems to me like one of those ideas that has very good intentions, but very very poor

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