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I. Organization in Crisis: The National Football League (NFL) is the highest form of professional football in the United States. It is the organization that is in charge of all the aspects of American football such as airing, rulings, league management, etc. II. Brief Situation summary: a. The issue that the NFL is facing is fans in complete outrage over a very controversial ruling made by replacement referees, and later backed by the NFL, during the Seattle Seahawks game against the Green bay Packers on Monday September 24th, which lead to a 14-12 victory for the Seahawks. The ruling is that the touchdown scored by Seahawks receiver Golden Tate was ruled as “joint possession” since the ball was also in the arms of Packers safety M.D. Jennings. Under NFL rules, joint possessions results in offensive possession that gave the Seahawks the winning touchdown. The issue isn’t that the joint possession call was made but that it wasn’t overturned despite overwhelming video evidence that pointed out not only that M.D. Jennings had both arms around the ball and the ball was tucked into his chest while Tate only had one arm on it but that it appears that Tate shoved Packers defender Sam Shields in the back while the ball was in the air, a move that…show more content…
Critique: The NFL’s crisis management is downright atrocious. The pure failure of signal detection is what not only caused this game’s outcome from happening but the referee lockout as well. It’s even worse because their crisis management plan should have used the player’s lockout as a reference to prevent the referee lockout. The only thing I think the NFL did correctly in their crisis management is the quickness it took for them to respond to the immediate outrage of fans due to the Packers/Seahawks outcome. The NFL didn’t waste any time in stating that they will be backing up the decision made by the replacement referees however I must ask where that quickness was when the referee’s contract

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