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Flag football is my new topic this week! It is such an interesting sport because you wonder why they don’t just play regular football. But I still really want to tell you about it, so … GO AHEAD! Flag Football is thought to have started in the U.S. military throughout World War 1 to avoid injury to military persons playing football. Fort Meade, Maryland has the first recorded history of flag football and is commonly acknowledged as its origin. The basic objectives of this game is to basically run as hard as you can to the other side, known as the end zone, without getting you flag that is on your waist taken off by the opposing team. The basic scoring system is if you run past the cones or line that you are supposed to pass, you make a touchdown. They will usually keep track on a big score board or someone will keep track of the points. Now a list of the rules is a follows: General Rules 1. The game should be played between 2 teams of 7 players each. Five players are required to avoid a forfeit. 2. The game shall be played under the supervision of 2 to 4 officials. 3. A speaking captain must be selected to make all decisions and shall be the only one who addresses the officials. 4. Team representatives, including players, substitutes, replaced players, coaches, trainers, and other persons affiliated with the team are subject to the rules of the game, and shall be governed by decisions of officials assigned to the game. The Field 1. The field should be a minimum of 40 yards in width, and contain four (4) twenty (20) yard zones with a ten (10) yard end zone on each end. 2. A one (1) yard wide line should be marked at each end at the three and ten yard lines in the middle of the field. These lines shall be used for the extra point try when a team scores a touchdown Those are some basic rules but can be different. Some physical

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