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Sports Science-Drew Brees essay In the video of 2008 pro bowl offensive player of the year Drew Brees shows you how accurate and precise he is when it comes to throwing passes to his receivers. He is only the second quarterback in NFL history to throw over 5,000 yards a season which tells you why he is one of the best quarterback to be in the league right now. By paying closely attention to this video you can get the sense that his visual observation is excellent because his human camcorder plays a huge role to his accurate in firing passes. This video uses computerized motion analysis systems because it allows for multiple forms of instrumentation of inputs, force platforms. This system allows for more synchronization of the data which is much easier and more accurate. It…show more content…
When testing his accuracy they made him use an anchor’s bull eyes which is known to be very difficult to hit even in Olympics levels. When testing his accuracy they also used sensors that allows you to find out his release velocity, launch angle, and spin rate. The results for Drew was a perfect 10 out of 10 which is incredible this why he is consider one of the best quarterbacks in the league right now. His results showed that four of his darts he throw hit the center of the bull eyes. It is accurate to say that when Drew throws a pass it is always thrown with consistency with a velocity of 52 miles per hour with a identical six degree launch angle that allows his release to spin at approximately 600 rpm which creates a gyroscopic torque in which gravity tries to pull the spin of the nose downward but the aerodynamic forces of the wind that floats over the ball counter balances each other to keep the ball on target where wobble occurs as the ball spins slightly of the axis the small circle of the nose traces in the air which is what makes his throws accurate. The sports science instructor says, “ That Drews passes have three small wobbles that is why he is

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