The Pros And Cons Of Flag Football

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Damaging a Young Mind Football although it may not be “America’s Past time” like baseball is it is still one of the most watched and appreciated sports that we have in this country. However, there are many problems that may not appear to the naked eye until in recent years. These problems don’t have to do with the lockout or how much money a player will get paid but it has to do with the injuries that the players are taking. When most people think of injuries they think on the side of a torn ACL or a broken arm but what these players are experiencing is much worse than that. What these players are beginning to experience is severe brain trauma. It hasn’t been until recent years that the spotlight from the media has been present. Although…show more content…
One of the possible alternatives that I have actually begun to take part in since college is flag football. Flag football is the perfect alternative for those parents who want their children to be as safe as possible but still get the benefits that actual football has too. The rules for flag football are clearly laid out by Plumer "Removing the flags around the ball carrier's waist equates to the same thing as a tackle in full contact football. The only requirement of the field is that it is rectangular with two even end zones this free form format allows for flexibility in finding a field. Overtime games are decided by a field goal shootout, and after a touchdown a team is granted one point for kicking and two points for running or passing the ball into the end zone. But what makes the game great are all of the features that the spin off sport retains from the original penalties, passing and the length of the game are generally the same as the contact version of the sport.” This sport is perfect for little kids who love football but whose parents are scared of the risk factors that come with playing the actual game. Flag football is the perfect alternative because you still get the same rush and competition as you do in the normal version. For the parents it’s great too because they still get to watch their child run around having fun but without the major
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