New Belgian Brewery

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New Belgium Brewery * What motivational strategies does New Belgium Brewery use to keep employees productive and satisfied? One of the most significant motivational strategies that I noticed in New Belgium Brewery is employee input; according to this video, in this organization they maintain open communication with their employees. When employees feel like their ideas are being heard, it gives them a feeling of responsibility toward the company. Another strategy is empowerment, this one is pretty much related with the first one and in this case they let us know that the staff has a partial ownership in the decision taking of the company, and that can be a very strong motivation. * How does the program convey the opinions of the top management about their employees? It is mentioned in the video that New Belgium Brewery has an “horizontal anarchy” the way I interpreted this is that they don’t see each other as superiors or a well structure organization in a work relationship matter, instead they act as collaborators where top managers and first line employees all get to share their ideas and come up with decisions with the purpose of having a good product to offer, environmental and socially responsible but also a great work place. * What motivational theories do New Belgium Brewery's policies reflect? In my opinion New Belgium Brewery apply all of the most basic motivational theories. Self- actualization because they promote creativity and growth, by empowering and innovating along with their employees; Esteem, because they are a recognized company not only b their product but because of their social and environmental responsiveness; belongingness, they create a group of coworkers that see each other as supporters and colleagues better than employee and employer; and last one is safety, they create
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