“ Unions Do Not Happen, They Are Caused by Management.”

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In most instances, an organization’s main objective is to generate revenue. Managers are hired and held accountable to ensure the organizations vision and goals are met. Managers are required to find ways in keeping expenses low and increasing revenue but when all of the focus is put into making money, employees may suffer due to poor treatment and little or no raise for increasing workloads, etc. Therefore we do agree with the statement, “ Unions do not happen, they are caused by management.” According to the textbook “Canadian Human Resource Management”, the definition of a union is, “an organization with the legal authority to represent workers, negotiate the terms and condition of employment with the employer, and administer the collective agreement.” (Schwind, Das, Wagar, 2010, p. 493) Therefore, the union acts as the employees bargaining agent. It listens and considers the needs, suggestions, and rights of employees that managers are so often, unequipped to do. In movements such as “Business Unionism” (Schwind, Das, Wagar, 2010, p. 496) unions are formed to protect workers, increase wages, improve work conditions, etc. Similar to class action lawsuits a union uses its strength in number to influence corporate and government organizations, in treatment of its employees and laws affecting employees. One employee alone may not have as big an impact. The greater amount of employees in a union rather than standing alone isn’t just beneficial to the company of that union, but it has been historically shown to be beneficial to the economy as a whole. According to Canada’s largest private sector union; the United Food and Commercial Workers Union “were largely responsible for stabilizing the economy and stimulating its growth.”(“Facts about Unions”, 2013) Due to activist standing up and managing their group of workers people of the middle class (the majority) were

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