Circleworks Supplemental Case Study

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CircleWorks Supplemental Case Study By: Amanda Moore Southern New Hampshire University Professor Mattie Wilson November 9, 2014 Due to the company’s history with being a leader in their market, I believe that a gain-sharing plan would be beneficial to the company. The company culture needs to be considered when making this decision. Even though the company has been successful within their market, they will need to consider ways to help improve their employee’s performance, while still promoting a team environment and consider ways to keep their employees happy so they do not consider leaving the company to work for a competitor. The company can utilize their previous year’s numbers to help determine the baseline for employees gain share amounts. “The typical Gainsharing organization measures performance and through a pre-determined formula shares the savings with all employees. The organization's actual performance is compared to baseline performance (often a historical standard) to determine the amount of the gain (Masternak, R. L. (n.d.)”. With a family owned business, this can be a positive way to help grow the company’s culture, keep the family culture values, and encourage employee involvement in growing and developing the business. A gain-sharing plan will help the company achieve the increase in team production because they will only receive gain share for performance that has improved and it will align employees to the goals of the organization. Having this type of plan helps to promote and improve employee morale, pride, and a positive attitude towards the organization and its goals. This will also enhance employees focus and awareness of what is going on overall within the organization. There should be other elements that also need to be looked at when deciding to incorporate a gain-sharing plan. “Gain sharing plans warrants attention.

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