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Instructor: Dr. Louis Marino Subject: GBA490 – 901 Date: June 1, 2014 Mystic Monk Coffee Analysis Father Daniel Mary’s, vision for the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming is the establishment of a new monastery in a tranquil setting in the Rocky Mountains. Father Mary, the prior of the Carmelite Order of Monks in Clark, Wyoming, could grow the already existing Monk brotherhood of just 13 monks from a small makeshift vicarage into a 496-acre monastery that would accommodate up to 30 monks. Father Mary’s vision includes a Gothic church, and convent for Carmelite nuns, a retreat center for lay visitors, and a hermitage. For such a purchase to be successful, Mystic Monk Coffee, owned and operated by the Carmelites to support the monastery, will have to purchase a new larger 130-pound-per-hour coffee roaster for $35,000 to meet future purchasing demands of their coffee products. Father Mary’s mission for the Wyoming Carmelite’s is to continually grow the monastery by screening and accepting young men between the ages of 19 and 30 years old who are willing to commit their life to the Catholic Church. The monks at the monastery grow and produce high-quality organic Arabica beans, and promote and sell a variety of coffee blends to customers mainly from Catholic parishes. The sale of Mystic Monk’s coffee is essential as it supports the religiously dedicated Carmelite Monks of Wyoming who have promised their life to worship. To achieve his vision, Father Mary’s strategy is to purchase a larger, 130-pound-per-hour roaster so when the demand approaches the current roaster’s capacity, Mystic Monk will be ready to fulfill the customer needs and wants. With higher product capacity, Father Mary will have the ability to meet a higher demand for Mystic Monk coffee products, which would to some extent, put him at a competitive advantage to other coffee producers. However,

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