Why Is Charlemagne Successful

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Charlemagne or Charles the great, Carolingian monarch. He was a very strong element in unifying Western Europe through the blessing of the church. Charlemagne Grandfather had partnership with the church during his period of time; he was the one who started the process to bring Western Europe together, in the belief that everyone should be Christian. Charlemagne father, Pepin the short contiutued this process thought the Western Europe and passed his beliefs on to Charlemagne. All three Carolingian monarchs wanted the church to reform, wanted to reorganize the church under the pope; all this would help raise their power as the Carolingian dynasty. Charlemagne was indeed the most successful ruler of the Carolingians and he having a good relationship…show more content…
Charlemagne responsibilities grew after the battle against the Saxons, which lasted a long period of time (33 years) with each conquest the Frankish empire grew, the growth became the additional power and responsibility for Charlemagne. His responsibility as a Carolingian monarch was to eliminate the leaders in the church that weren’t Christians or who refused to convert themselves or be baptized as a Christian or the conquense was death. The church played a Major role in the kingdom of Charlemagne. It gave him a sense of stability, he in turn provided stability in the church. The people conquered by charlemegne , after being converted to christianty, were taught through the bible of codes that taught right and wrong. It was nesscary for the church to play a role in this education of the people, because only the clergy were educated. The church also guided charlemagene’s hand as a ruler, for he took on many conquests and missions so this way the Christian relgion could spread throught Europe. Indeed, his desire and passionate to spread his kingdom and government was interwined with his desire to spread the Christian relgion and have the people live according to the word of god. At that beginning of the caroligian dynasty the church was suffering from problems. Paganistic peoples and the less use of the latin lanuange and the decline of the of power of the pope all contributed to the need of a new leader to bring out the
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