Suggest Why Some People and Not Others Benefit from the Growth of Transnational Corporations (Tncs)

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Suggest why some people and not others benefit from the growth of Transnational Corporations (TNCs) Some people benefit from the growth of Transnational Corporations than others. MEDC’s benefit from the growth of transnational corporation because of cheaper imports from LEDC’s which benefit the consumers in MEDC’s as the prices will be cheaper, resulting in high produce, cheap price and ability to appeal to its market and compete with other companies. Another benefit of TNCS is that the loss of industry to LEDC’s can improve the environmental quality in MEDC’s, therefore reducing their CO2 emission and helping combat climate change. LEDC’s do to some extent benefit, as the workers has access to employment and the development of new skills. This will mean the population will have more money which will go into the economy, this will mean more income for improving infrastructure and services. Also as TNCs move to other countries, job opportunities increase which means that the quality of life will generally improve too. Another benefit would be that the status of an area would be raised; this may encourage investment by other big name Multi-Nationals and most importantly will improve the countries economy drastically as valuable export revenues will be earned. Most important, they will benefit from cultural exchange creating a cultural integration. LEDC countries do not benefit as much as MEDC countries do, for example, sometimes much of the employment is low paid, low skill, long hours, meaning that the countries do not develop economically or give the opportunity to develop their skills. Another drawback is that there has been large negative press about TNCS and the poor working conditions in which people operate in, this include lack of safety requirements and the long hours of working. Multi-Nationals like high profit, and countries where there is less
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