My Sophomore Year

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Sophomore review Sophomore year had many ups and downs, just like a roller coaster it a scary but incredible ride. This year I did many things. I joined student senate and I was on the front line at home coming. Some of my falls happen when I let my grades drop, even though I will bring them up I should not have let them fall in the first place and I have learned my lesson. Advice Saying that, advice for incoming freshman and upcoming sophomores is that these are your most important years. You don’t need to play around, You need to do all your class assignments, and don’t let your grades drop because remember that it takes one semester to drop your G.P.A (grade point average) but it takes 3 to bring it back up. 10 commandments * No matter what go to ALL of your classes. * Don’t get on your teachers bad side. * Choose your friends wisely don’t try to succeed hanging around failures. * Do ALL class assignments. * Remember this is HIGH school not ELEMENTRY school. * Have fun only at Appropriate times. * Always think for your self don’t let anyone make decisions for you. * Be yourself (that’s the only way you’ll make it.) * Talk to upper grade students that may be able to help you. * If you need help ASK. My sophomore highlights * I joined student senate. * I helped keep peace at Julian during the month of May. * I bought my grades up. * I was on the “50” for homecoming. * I went to my first high school dance. * I joined the A.V.I.D program. * I faced my stage fright in after school matters. * I went to my first college fair. * I start teaching flag at my old elementary school. * I became organized with my friends, school, and family. Goals for 2012-2013 school year Have all A’s and B’s all school year. To have all A’s and B’s all school year I have to first straighten

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