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Personal Statement Mr. Reese Band Has Become a Part of Me AP English Language & Composition September 22nd 2014 Prompt: Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there and why is it meaningful to you? Most people get nervous as a freshman in high school, especially during that big first day. The first day I walked into Miami Beach Senior High, the dream of joining the marching band became reality. It was surreal when I walked into the band room for the first time. So many people, who enjoy putting on a show, get…show more content…
It went through a phase where there was no band program, and then came along our current director, Mr. Figueroa, who took over the program. After that the band started to slowly regain people and became the amazing program it is today. There is so much that “Fig” has taught me and for that I see him as a very special person in my life. Not just as my band director but as someone who I can talk to about anything and will always be there to hear me out. The band and its leaders have taught me how to teach, have patience and lead a group of people towards a shared goal. These are a few of the reasons why I get to call myself a section leader of the percussion section, for this season. In a nutshell, the band program is the one place where I am at my happiest because it is where I go when I need a place to think and relax. Somewhere I go to see the people I share so much in common with, enjoy spending time with, and call my second family. Expressing how much the band and being a part of the band program at MBSH means to me is not an easy thing to accomplish with words, but here I have explained a small portion of why the band organization is important to

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