Personal Narrative: Velocity Dance Convention

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Donyea Martin Period 4 Personal Narrative Last summer my dance studio and I went to Velocity Dance Convention Nationals in Las Vegas. After weeks of practicing until my legs started to shake and my lips turned blue, I felt my team was confident and prepared for a full week of non-stop dancing. The venue of Velocity was the Plant Hollywood Hotel and Casino. On entering the hotel I immediately sensed the glamour and glitz as the light reflected off the enormous crystal chandelier. As I regain my focus from being astounded, I noticed the hotel was filled with hundreds of dancers with their noses jammed high in the air. Scurrying like ants they hurry to prepare for competition with their stage moms by their side. There were dancers from all…show more content…
“ We have so much in store for you this weekend you are going to have a blast!” They handed me my brochure and schedule for the week and they surprised me with a custom Velocity baseball t-shirt as well as a pair of custom Nike Dri-Fit sweats pants. Soon after I get prepared for my first MVA (Maximum Velocity Artist) rehearsal of the week. MVA is highest reward awarded to the individual dancer. In order to compete for MVA you have to win MVA winner or runners-up at regionals. At first the rehearsal was so quiet that I could hear a pin drop. I really thought there was no way I was going to survive that week if there were going to be such an awkward tension. As the rehearsal proceeded the dancers began to let down their walls and we started to mingle with one another. Gradually my shoulders started to rest. In conclusion, last summer I learned so much about my team, dance and myself. Velocity made me so grateful for the gift that God has given me. After a long, exhausting week I earned National Senior Male Maximum Velocity Artist 1st Runner-Up. The knowledge and friendships I gained from that week can never be taken away from me and I would not of asked for it any other

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