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Shannon O’Connor English 101 Narrative Essay Jan. 25, 2012 My Senior Prom Next to your wedding date the most important thing females look forward to is their senior prom. Prom is the most important thing to a high school teenager. You plan months in advanced and spend hundredths of dollars for the best five hours of your life. Prom is not just a dance but the last event that you and your graduation class will ever share. Prom will forever have a lifelong impact on your life. My prom turned out to be the most stressful yet fun event of my senior year. I never went to a single formal dance until my senior year. On nights when there was a homecoming, winter formal or junior prom, my friends would get all dressed up and ready to dance in their beautiful gowns. While they were dancing with their dates, I was at home watching television. It’s not that I had trouble finding a date of my own but just the thought of getting dressed up and dancing in a dress didn’t interest me. One day, three weeks before prom, my friends were all talking about going dress shopping. Hearing all them talk about it made me decide I wanted to go. I already had a date in mind and finding a dress would be no problem. That weekend, me and a group of girls drove all the way to Wheeling, Illinois to go dress shopping. We had all got an email from a place called PromBay, we decided to check them out on Facebook and all of their dresses looked amazing. We didn’t care about the cost. We all wanted to look like princesses. After about a two hour drive, we finally got there. As soon as we walked in it was like dress heaven. Every kind of dress you could possible think about. We all must have tried on a dozen dresses. I myself was having trouble finding one, when finally, I saw a lady with a big poufy greenish dress with all these sequences. I immediately fell in love with the dress. I went

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