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For the last fifteen years of life, I have spent all my free time from family, and school focusing on one of my passion in life which is dancing. I started my first dance class at the age of three and it was a ballet class with Mrs. Helen as a teacher. I spent most of that class jumping up and down to my own beat of the songs. It must have been very nice for my parents to see me use part of my performance time during recitals looking for them in the crowd, especially after they spent hundreds of dollars on classes for me. This only lasted a few years though, because as I grew up so did my attention span and by the age of seven I really started to make dancing my main focus. I knew I wanted to be as good as the older girls at the studio and I knew they were there more than just one ballet class a week so as fall registration came up I asked my parents to add in another class for me, and they did. I added a tap class that year and as soon as I wore those shoes for the first time I never wanted to take them off! I would wear them all around the house and used our new hardwood floors in our basement as a practice area because on the days when I didn’t have dance class, I just wanted to keep practicing to get better. The year after that I added in a jazz class, and then a contemporary class. I was at the studio five days a week and I couldn’t have been any happier. When I was twelve I tried out for the Starbound dance company at my studio which is the competitive dance team. I was very nervous because it was my first solo I have performed, but I made the team my first year. I was ecstatic and remember shrieking and jumping up and down as I ran to my parents and they hugged me. I stayed on this team for the next three years of junior high and loved it with all my heart because we won so many local competitions. I wanted more though and I wanted to be on a team even

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