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THE HEART BRAKE BY: Anthony Smalls Jaurez Johnson British Lit. 9th per. 4/30/08 Section I : General Information A. All Things Come To An End B. Anthony Smalls C. 200 pg. D. In House Data E. 2001…show more content…
Romance, fiction Section III. Description of Plot A. The beginning was ok. It was boring because wasn’t noting happening B. My favorite part of the plot was when he got played by his girlfriend C. The climax was when his girlfriend broke up with him a day before prom. D. The conclusion was a funny one because he came to the prom with a stripper and she left with his friend Section IV: Characters A. Looks: tall, dark-skinned, skinny, wavy hair. Personality fun, hyper class clown. Goals: To go to college. Abilities: Track star, smart. Problems: to jockey. B. Joey Jackson I like him because he seems cool. C. One scene was when his girlfriend broke up with him and the other was when he brought the stripper to the prom. Section V: Theme and Moral A. I learned life can be crazy at some points. B. To show how things can go wrong at a blink of an eye. C. How things just came to an end with his girlfriend and the stripper at the end I really didn’t learn anything until the

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