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“There comes a moment when she looks at you through the mirror, and you realize that she's looking at you and recognizing you as herself. It is through you that her love, her fear, her terror is to be expressed.”—Martha Graham In the 1957 documentary A Dancers World the viewers are given a glimpse into the world of the Martha Graham Dance Company. Martha Graham herself narrates this 30-minute documentary as she prepares backstage for a performance. During her narration a series of dances performed my 11 members of her company (4 men, 7 women) occur in a studio. The first dance acted as an introduction to the dancers, each performing a small elegant choreography then taking their place on the floor or by the ballet bar against the wall. Some of the introduction dances were foreign to me, specifically the one where the dancers were very elongated. For example, one of the male dancers came out and did a few jumps where his arms were held straight out from his sides and he would hop, he would hop with pointed feet then land on one foot while the other was still pointed and his leg was stretched out behind him. Though we do use a lot of ballet techniques when warming up, the choreographed dances themselves that we have performed in class usually aren’t that ballet-esque, there’s typically a bend in the body somewhere. On the other hand there were many dancers who came out in the beginning who perform dancers that looked completely familiar, particularly the women who took their place on the ground. They all came out and did a progression of turns, similar to the one we have practiced in class, where we do turns with our arms in bent positions that mimicked a spiral. Another move I saw performed a lot during the introduction was the simple long strides with bent knees and straight arms that we perform across the studio in class. I always thought that was meant to

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