Concert Band Persuasive Essay

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John Cambron Ms. Kerri Huffman English III 15 April, 2011 Music can vary from the beat of a tribal drum to a strum of a guitar by the famous Van Halen. For many the most beautiful and graceful and maybe fun to experience is concert band or symphonic band. Students across the nation receive this experience everyday through their high school band program. Concert orchestra or “concert band” is in usually every high school in the nation; it is usually in second semester after marching season and many students are tired of performing the same song and marching the same thing every week, and they are now ready to learn new music. For school that has more than at least one hundred twenty students, they have to audition for certain concert…show more content…
There are a lot of advantages as well as; smaller class sizes, fewer extracurricular activities, and more time to work one on one with students are just a few of the benefits that those with less hefty enrollments will name. Most band directors take their jobs seriously, which means that they often take long hours for salaries when it is necessary to work long hours under stressful conditions, it may even be hard to maintain happy and long marriages and visit with long term relationships and family and friends. Most band teachers end up hating their job because of these results or ends up getting fired or quitting because they care too much about their personal life. It takes a lot of time and money to be a band director. You need to have hours to listen to music that you think is suitable for your band and that your band can handle or to excel in the level of music they are studying. Most schools are looking for older band directors because they have obviously more experience and more ideas on what sounds good and more contacts to let his or her band perform somewhere they can win like at concert competitions or just to entertain

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