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The Life and Times of Milton Morris Milton Morris PSY202 Instructor Erika McCulloch February 17, 2013 The Life and Times of Milton Morris I. My Family a. Growing up without my biological parents involved in my life b. Being raised by my grandmother then my aunt(custody) c. Having my family as a support system II. Important people in my life d. My family e. My childhood friends(whom I call my brothers) and my college friends f. Members of my fraternity III. Personal, professional, and academic goals g. Obtain my college degree h. Work as a mentor/counselor i. Start my own non-profit program and open a group home The Life and Times of Milton Morris…show more content…
At one point in time, during high school, my aunt and I had a falling out. At that point, my uncle decided that it was best for me to stay with him for some time, at least until things cooled off. What he did reiterated the love and support that I had from my family. All of my family helped me understand what my mother was going through, why my father wasn’t present in my life. My family also taught me things like riding a bike, cooking, doing well in school, and just having a passion for something. I will not say that it is impossible to make it in life without having people in your corner but life is so much easier when you have a good support system around you. The affect this microsystem, family, has had on my life has been one of great magnitude and volume in that it was the foundation to who I am, and it continues to have an effect on my actions and thought today. Throughout our lives we have a plethora of people who come in our lives and make an impression on our growth and development. Three groups of people who have been the most important and influential in my life are my family, my friends, and my fraternity brothers. As stated before, my family had the greatest effect on who I am today by laying the foundation of my cognitive development. My constant interactions with siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and my parents have taught me life…show more content…
It is a necessity for me to gain a good amount of experience as a mentor and counselor prior to opening my group. By working as a mentor and a counselor I will, over time, develop the qualities and experience needed to successfully impact and make a difference in a young man’s life. Opening a group home will be an amazing achievement of mines because I will get to help young men who need guidance and a role model. I was lucky to have the support and guidance that I had while growing up and I wanted to provide that same opportunity to the young men who are not as fortunate as I once was. In John Holland personality-type theory he feels as though there is a connection between personality and career satisfaction (Witt & Mossler, 2010). When observing Holland’s six personality types there are a few that relate to me however the one that best fits me is the social personality. All of the jobs I have held involved me communicating, assisting, and helping another individual and this stems from my social personality trait. My career goal is to be a mentor and or counselor and these jobs fall under the careers listed based upon the social personality

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