Discourse Community Ethnography Analysis

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Victoria Peterson Discourse community Ethnography paper Professor Dennis March 23, 2015 Have you ever been among people who are very much like you? That it does not matter what differences you have you all have a lot more in common. In this paper, I will prove that I entered the discourse community of high school band by acquiring content knowledge, establishing my credibility, and learning to sway other members of the community. Writing this paper gives me confidence because it shows that I already have experience joining a discourse community. It also gives you, my instructor, and you, my classmates, a chance to know more about me. In any community, there is the question of knowledge: do I possess enough knowledge to be a part of…show more content…
I would agree that simply learning to read music isn’t enough. A flute player might be able to read any music placed in front of her perfectly, but when asked to play it, she might play a wrong note or play a rhythm too slow or too fast. Why did she not play the music as well as she read it? Because she hadn’t developed the skills she needed to play the flute. She knew that the note was supposed to be f sharp, but she didn’t know the fingering and instead played it as an f natural. She knew how fast the eighth notes were supposed to go, but she didn’t know her c major scale, which a set of eighth notes in the music were derived from, so she couldn’t play it in tempo and stumbled with the notes. In addition to being able to read music, it’s important to have all major scales and the chromatic scale memorized, full range. Not only that, the player needs to be able to play their major arpeggios and inversions full range. Having these basic fundamentals down allows the musician to more accurately play the music and sight read better. Throughout high school, I developed these skills until it didn’t take much thought for me to play my major scales up and down full range, then blast through my chromatic scale. I even practiced all forty-eight minor scales. It was the combination of learning to read music as well as performing it…show more content…
In my last year of band I was able to build enough credibility that the band director and fellow band members trusted my knowledge. In Eagle Squadron March, my band director, Mr. Wright, trusted my ability to play a difficult part in the song along with three other players. He knew I was capable of doing it because of how well I played my scales, my ability to sight read, and my understanding of how rhythms work. When one of the flute players didn’t know a fingering to a note or wasn’t too sure how to play a rhythm, he or she would ask me for help. Because I was a senior in the section, they trusted my years of experience to know all the fingerings to notes or to be able to read the rhythms. Once, a fellow band member asked me to listen to her while she played her region music and tell her how she sounded. Although she was in fact a much better player than I am, she trusted my experience and knowledge enough to let her know when her dynamics weren’t enough or if a section of the music or a note didn’t sound

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