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Claim the Mic On Friday February 27th, the Armenian Community Center played host to the Claim the Mic event, which showcased talented bands, and performances. Numerous bands and performers lit up the stage battling for some great prizes and a great opportunity to show the Armenian community there talent. Prizes included a Logo Design for there band to use on there MySpaces and websites, a photo shoot, Studio Time to record a single, and a song mix. Judges based there results on crowd response, potential of the artists, and the quality of there performances. The night started off with Armen Bazarian as the opening act, performing solo on the guitar and vocals. He got into Claim the Mic by putting up a video on the Facebook group for the event and won over the organizers decision by his great talent. Sarahos was up next with great drumming, lots of diversity in there music and a lot of energy from all of there band members. Sarahos had a very impressive 385’ 000 hits on there My Space page following into there performance. Fear of Romance was the 3rd band and they were much different then the others, they were all instrumental. Fears of Romance were clear fan favorites as they had many fans in the crowd, and received a standing obviation. Narineh was performing next and she did an outstanding job and was also a fan favorite. It was her first time performing in front of an audience. Stage Hands brought a lot of excitement to the show, with there unique Broadway - rock style to the ACC crowd. They acted on stage and put up a performance to remember.…show more content…
R-Mean had flown in from L.A. for his Canadian tour promoting his new album “The Rising Son” which was on sale at the event. R-Mean was also one of the judges for the

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