How To Ruin Your College Career

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Name Teacher ENG 101 October, 18, 2010 HOW TO EFFECTIVELY RUIN YOUR COLLEGE CAREER Welcome to college! It should be the best time of your life. I mean it! It's all down hill afterwards. Don't let studying, class, and homework bring you down. Your young and have plenty of time later to work, and study. Class, and study time will always be there, but the party's will not! Class is an unnecessary evil in the world of college students. Sure there are attendance policy's and lectures, but do you really need them? Remember your a pretty smart kid, you don't need them. Take the time in the morning to sleep in. It doesn't matter when you wake up really. With all the night life activities you have going on, you are not going to want to rise with the sun anyways. So make sure to NOT set your alarm clock. A matter of fact, leave that darn thing at home. I guarantee you will just hit the snooze a million times before unplugging the thing. If you somehow manage to wake up in time to rush to class, not only are you some sort of superhuman, but you can just take your sweet time. No parents are going to rush you anymore. Even if you are some miracle worker and make it to class, make sure to sit in the very back where it's hard to see and hear. Now that you have mastered the art of avoiding classes, let's discuss studying. Now for college classes, it is recommended that you study 3 hours for every one hour of credit that the classes is worth. Let that sink in...that is a lot of studying you have to do! So much in fact, when are you going to have time to party, and hang out with friends? Even your twelve hour a day sleep schedule will be upset! Besides remember how well you did on that ACT? You'll be fine! You can always cram for the test the night before! Don't open up that text book until at least 24 hours before that big test happens. You need all those hours to catch up

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