My Learning Styles

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There are many different learning styles and why does everyone have their own way of learning even when it's the same thing the other person is learning. Why do we have our own way of learning and how did we get that learning style. How do people get their own way to learn the same thing another person is trying to learn. Do peoples brain think differently or is it just the method we learn from our educators! The reason I choose to continue my education is because I felt it was time for me the receive an education so that I could look back and tell myself I did something worthwhile! I’m always stressing to young Soldiers that they need an education and not to waste their time doing nothing, to do something with their time and make it worthwhile not to just be sitting around and playing video games so I took my own advice and decide to do something to where I can say I accomplished something! I have a few learning styles that I knew I had but wasn’t sure if this was what I was using and after doing the tests and learned that I was. My first one is Visual (Spatial) Learning Style which explains that I like using images, pictures, and colors to organize information which is so true because do like thoughts things to help me explain something to someone! I know I learned that from being in the military! My second one is Physical (Bodily-Kinesthetic) learning style which explains that I like using my body and sense of touch to learn about the things around me. Which it also states that I like sport and exercising and other physical activities like gardening or woodworking which I love to do both. My third one is Social (Interpersonal) learning style which explains that I communicate well with People, both verbally and non-verbally which I do that very well. I was told just The other by my captain that I communicate well with other that I'm very personable. I’ve

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