How Jrotc Builds Character and Leadership

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How JROTC Builds Character and Leadership JROTC is a program that builds character and leadership within students. It teaches me how to lead and corporate with others. Not only does it help to build self-esteem, but it also informs me about diet and physical fitness to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cooperation and leadership are important skills that I must learn to succeed in life. Cooperating with others means being able to work with others. JROTC helps me learn to cooperate with my classmates. By doing JROTC activities in class with other cadet, I’m able to learn to sharing my ideas and working together to achieve common goal. Leadership is the ability to influence subordinates in order to accomplish a mission. I have learned in JROTC that as a leader if I show my subordinates the values that I have such as respect, loyalty, integrity, honor, duty, selfless service and personal courage, then they will respond in the similar fashion. JROTC prepares me for the future by allowing me to gain these skills. In addition, JROTC helps me to have a higher self-esteem while also informing me of healthy lifestyles. It teaches me to build self-esteem by improving my strength and mind. During physical training, I gain strength and learn more about how to maintain healthy lifestyles. It also teaches me about proper diets as well. JROTC help me feel better about myself both physical and mentally. In conclusion, JROTC teaches me how lead and cooperates with others, builds self-esteem, teaches of healthy lifestyles. Now in my third year in JROTC, I realize that JROTC taught me a valuable and lifelong skill that I may use
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