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Kolb Learning Cycle Essay

  • Submitted by: cutegirl786
  • on February 8, 2013
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One of the most prominent theories on learning styles is that by David Kolb, he proposes that learning is a cyclic process, it is whereby a student goes through a few stages that determines what learning style suits him best and how he likes to learn. In this essay, I will talk about David Kolb’s experiential learning cycle; I will explore the four stages of learning, his learner types and how my preferences relate to Kolb’s theory. I am a Diverger; therefore, I usually analyze a problem before giving my opinions. I like to investigate and see a situation from different angles, and I will support this by giving examples from past experiences, furthermore, I will reflect on how I can become a better learner.
Kolb describes a four stage cycle to explain learning, the first stage is concrete experience; this involves actually doing a particular task. The second stage is reflective observation; this is the thinking part, it is where you reflect on the task. The third stage is abstract conceptualization; it is where you speculate; learn from the experience and think of ways to improve yourself. Finally the last stage, active experimentation, as its name implies, it is where you experiment to come up with the best possible way of doing the task (Payne and Whittaker, 2006).
Kolb introduced four learning styles, namely: Converger, Diverger, Assimilator and Accommodator. As per his theory, every person has a different learning style that suits their preferences and defines how they learn best. A Converger is someone who is best at using abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation. They are strong in practical tasks and prefer situations where there is not much thinking to do. A Diverger is someone who uses concrete experience and reflective observation best. They have a strong imaginative ability, like group discussions and are able to see how things fit together. Assimilators have a powerful ability to create abstract models, are...

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