My defensive War Weapon

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My defensive War Weapon “Fire in the hole!” “Stop it!” “Hey, that’s not fair! You started first!” As my sister and I get off the school bus, running towards home, the war begins. My sister and I were roommates for 18 years, until she went to college. She and I are exactly 11 months apart because my birthday is April 14, 1989 and her birthday is May 14, 1988. She hates it whenever I tell people that we are only 11 months apart because she still is my “sister”. We are like best friends and depend on each other. However, when we were young, it was like war in house everyday. We didn’t stop fighting until my mother would say “why don’t you guys just fight with knife?’ and then we would stop fighting. Anyways, our room was big because since my sister and I shared room, our parents connected two rooms into one room. My favorite item in the room was my bed which was two single beds right next to each other side by side. It was my favorite item because it was very effective war item for me during the fight. When were young there was a rule that we have to be fair to each other. But when I was a young child, I was stubborn and self-centered. Maybe I still am little self-centered but I am getting better by every minute. Anyways, as a self-centered child, I always had to have a last hit to my sister and so did she. Now, I will tell you my war strategy and how I used my bed very effectively. The argument begins by little stupid issue such as who gets the remote control. The fight begins and we would run around the whole house just to chase each other and drive my mom crazy. This would last about ten minute minimum. As we both get tired I would slap her, which is the last hit. I didn’t hit her enough for her to cry because if she starts to cry, then I would get into trouble. Anyways as soon as I get my last shot, I would run as fast as I can to my room. Little tip

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