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Lifestyle Assessment | Kurt Schroeder | Implementation of energy conservation”There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed.” ~Mohandas K. Gandhi | | INTRODUCTION- The plan and action that I choose to implement in my life in support of making a change in the environment is the amount of electricity that I use and conservation techniques. Over the last six months since taking my first online course for this topic I became intrigued about different easy ways I could have an impact on one of the core issues that I have strong beliefs for. I am an animal lover and am constantly disgusted by the numbers of species that have been affected by us. One of the ways they are affected is by our consumption of…show more content…
The main thing that my wife was not happy with was me constantly going behind her to unplug her phone charger and laptop, also changing of the light bulbs brought a little discomfort. I tried and tried to change the bulbs in the bathroom on the vanity mirror or whatever it’s called, but it is important to have that type of light to apply that damn make up. She won that battle, but I’ll take a happy wife over a couple bulbs. Make-up I shouldn’t have even brought that up because now I’m going to go into my 3 sentence rampage about that. If god or evolution (whatever you prefer) all wanted to paint our faces the materials would have been provided. I wish people would just be happy with their natural appearance without make-up or that cosmetic surgery. If we could stop using and promoting make-up animals wouldn’t have to be used as test dummies, land would not be destroyed to find whatever they put into that stuff, not as much pollution would happen because there would be less transportation, and less waste that just goes into the ground. Maybe then we would not have such weird shows on T.V. whose idea was it to have toddlers and tiaras? That is very depressing and ridiculous especially how worked up their parents get. I apologize I get side tracked
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