Response To The Play 'Proof' By David Auburn

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Initial Play Response “Proof” I personally really loved the play; I love the way David Auburn makes you feel like your right there with Catherine, Claire, Hal and Robert. The relationship between Robert and Catherine remind me a lot of the relationship me and my father have. The relationship between Catherine and her father is something that none would ever understand. They have this closeness that you can feel right away. It’s a feeling like only those two know this inside joke that no one else know and would never understand. I think because Catherine and Robert are so different people around them such as Claire stay distant because they don’t understand them. If I could play a character in “proof” it would be Catherine. The reason…show more content…
I was surprised at how aggravated I was when I was reading because Hal ad Claire didn’t believe her. Catherine kept this big secret from everyone and when she finally decides to open up and tell them they don’t believe her. I can relate to her and I can understand why she would be so hurt and storm off. I have personally been in many situations like this because all my life people have underestimated me. At one point in time in my life one of my teachers told me that I would never graduate or attend college and that I would most likely be knocked up before my junior year. But like Catherine I used that as fuel and proved everyone wrong. Not only did I graduate from high school but I am currently attending college. I am also happily engaged to the man of my dreams, no kids yet but definitely considered when we are both ready. I was definitely moved by this play, enough so I want to go and rent the movie and watch it with my fiancé. There was never a boring part of the play, I could never put the screenplay down my eyes were glued to the pages. I am definitely looking forward to the other plays we are assigned to read in the
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