The Lovely Bones

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The book I read was The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Yes, I've seen the movie but there is no way you could write a paper about the movie because the book is really different. Not that they changed a lot of things in the movie, the book is just more in depth, detailed, and just flat out better than the movie. Susie Salmon is the main character in this book and she is definitely a round character. She has many personalities or different qualities that make her who she is. She's smart, nice, brave, and curious. People might argue that she's not smart for going with the man that murdered her in the first place but that was just her curiosity showing. That also shows that she trusted people and believed everyone was a good person. She is also definitely a dynamic character. Even though she is in Heaven during the story, she still learns and changes. When she first dies, she's pretty much just a little girl who doesn't understand what's going on with a lot of people. But throughout the story she gets to see all the people around her and she learns all these things that she never knew. She sees them being happy and she also sees them at their darkest times. She starts to understand what made these people who they were. Heaven is where she matures her most. Her external conflict is, well, she's dead. Also that she is trying to help her father and sister find her killer. She tries her hardest to send all the hints she can from Heaven to her family. And eventually, her hints pay off. Her internal conflict is just trying to accept the fact that she is dead. She has to leave everything on Earth behind. To me, that would be the hardest part out of everything. Susie didn't really have a boyfriend on Earth but she was pretty much in love with a guy from school. She was just finding out that he liked her too when she was murdered. I felt bad that she never got to experience

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