My Court Experience Essay

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| Court Systems | My Court Experience | | David Leininger | 12/15/2010 | Professor Williams | The justice system sets guidelines to provide a organized fashion, in which people are encouraged to defend their rights. Within these guidelines, individuals are allowed to challenge the law if indeed they feel their rights are being imposed upon. Court is one of these means that allow people to challenge the justice system. The most common aspects of the law that are challenged on an everyday basis are centered on tickets. During the time I spent viewing the court secession, there was a vast majority of tickets ranging from parking, DUIs, being drunk in public, possession of drug paraphernalia, and even to loud noise violations. Seaside Park New Jersey is one of the most well funded locations in our state that issue thousands of tickets a year. Though frustrating to be an individual who receives a ticket, the level of involvement from law enforcement agents allows for the town to carry on a normal lifestyle for individuals who reside here year round. I went to the municipal court in Seaside, New Jersey on September 23 with my friend who had received a ticket issued for a loud noise violation in a residential area from over summer break. She had the music too loud in her car after a certain time and was given a fine and had the option to go to court if they chose to. She and her friend who also received a ticket decided to contest the violations. I ended up coming down with them to do research for this paper. The municipal court in Seaside is located in between the fire department building and the police department. The street is one way and very narrow so naturally, there was no parking on the street. Surrounding the area, however, are many all day parking lots attempting to lure in the beach goers to park their cars all day for one
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