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Michael Trolander MADD Essay In 1980, a heartbroken mother gave birth to one of the greatest charities in our nation. Her name was Candy Lighter and after she lost her 13-year-old girl, Cari Lighter, to a drunk driver she pledged to herself that she would make a change. Candy soon inspired a handful l of mothers to join her cause and help bring a stop to drunk driving. Today, Mothers Against Drunk Driving is one of the largest charities in the United States of America. The history of MADD is a long and prosperous one; they have opened the public to the devastating effects of drunk driving. How did it all happen? Twenty-five years ago MADD setup an office in Cari’s old bedroom and got to work. They began gathering information and statistics about the negative effects of drunk driving. At the beginning MADD was funded off of small $5 and $10 dollar donations. On Oct. 1, 1980, after a national press conference on Capitol Hill, the mothers had finally reached the public. “You could literally feel things change at that moment,” says Hurley, who was working for the National Safety Council at the time. “On that day,…show more content…
This act raised the drinking age to 21 for all 50 states and was huge step for lowering the damage caused by drunk driving. By the end of the year MADD had reached 330 chapters nationwide while helping pass over 129 laws against drunk driving. Not only did MADD make the most successful pushes for anti-drinking laws in last century but they remained true to why the organization was formed in the first place, to comfort victims of the crime. In Kentucky of 1988 the nation watched as a drunk driver took the lives of 41 children and 3 adults, while injuring 30 more. The driver had slammed head on with a bus returning from a church outing. MADD immediately dispatched relief teams to Kentucky to aid the families whose kids had been victims to drunk
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