Courtroom Participation Essay

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Marty (Marthena) Clabaugh CJA/224 December 6, 2010 Dr. Beverly Spencer Courtroom Participation Paper The courtroom group consist of several participates the prosecutor, the attorney for the defendant, the defendant, the judge, the baliff, the court reporter, the witnesses, and the jurors. All these participates play important roles in the justice system drama. Each work with one another in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction of the court. The prosecutor is central to the justice drama in their part as the district attorney the review cases within their jurisdiction. District attorney’s process cases, determine whether police have made arrests which are procedural and follow the rules. The prosecutor’s legal role has become more specialized and complex as the law and legal system grew. The U. S. Attorney General is the highest ranking law enformcent person in the United States and is selected by presidential appointment. On the state level voters select their attorney generals. Each state is divided into districts that have district attorneys that head the district judicial system. Their job is to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law and therefore makes their role the first one in the courtroom participants (Grant, 2003). The judge is second in line of the court participants and presides over the trial from a desk which is usually an elevated platform which is called the bench. The judge has five basic tasks, the first is to maintain order and to preside over the court proceedings. The second task is to determine if the evidence presented by the defense is legal and proper. The third task for the judge is to gives the jury instructions about the law as it applies to the case they are hearing and the rules they must use to decide the outcome of the case (Federal Courts and what they do). The fourth duty of the judge is to hold

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