Mobile Phones Should Be Banned While Driving

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Mobile Phones Should Banned While Driving Using a mobile phone while driving is a common occurrence, and mobile phones should not be used while driving, all attention should be on the road and the surroundings. Some states have banned texting while driving but all mobile phone use while driving should be illegal, it should be illegal for all ages. Statistics from 2009 revealed that distracted drivers caused one out of five injury accidents, and there were nine hundred and ninety-five fatal accidents that involved mobile phones alone. Five thousand and five hundred people in the United States died because of accidents that involved distracted drivers, and another four hundred and forty-eight thousand were injured. Distractions by mobile phones cause horrific accidents and many of them led to death. Driving while using a mobile phone can reduce the amount of brain activity that is associated with driving by thirty-seven percent, (Distracted Driver Accidents). Talking on a mobile phone can be distracting when driving a vehicle. When talking on a cellular phone while driving it takes the attention off of the task at hand. It only takes a moment for a car to drift into another lane or off of the road and cause an accident. While some people are able to multitask, use a mobile phone, and drive at the same time, others cannot. When the focus is not on driving, speed limits are not honored, along with other driving duties, which can make other drivers aggressive. When receiving negative news on the mobile phone, it could cause someone to lose control of the vehicle. One young lady in the community was on her way to work, her mobile phone had fell in the passenger floor board, the phone rang, she reached down to get it, eyes off of the road for one second, she left the road, was thrown from her car, pinned against a tree, and is paralyzed from the waist down. A study

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