Joran Van Der Sloot

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February 20, 2012 Joran Van Der Sloot Ethical egoism is something that Joran Van Der Sloot has portrayed in his last five years of freedom. One’s behavior of an egoistic is it “involves putting one’s own interests over those of others to an extravagant degree.” (Bier) Van Der Sloot has shown no mercy for the two women in his past and if he wasn’t locked away, there would be more. It’s a case that started with a dead 18 years old who went on a school vacation to Aruba and never returned. Joran Van Der Sloot was in the middle of it all and it wouldn’t just stop with this young woman. Another would turn up dead in 2010 where he would be convicted for murder for one of these women. Everyone knew he had killed Natalee, but it took another young woman’s life to end in order for Van Der Sloot to be locked away for good. Natalee Holloway went on vacation to Aruba celebrating her high school graduation in 2005 and went with about 100 other students from Birmingham, Alabama. While at a Casino, Holloway met Van Der Sloot gambling. She invited him and a couple of his friends to a local bar after the casino. After the bar, her friends said she was very intoxicated and was last seen getting into a vehicle with Van Der Sloot and his friends. When she didn’t show up the next morning, the police investigation began. At first, Joran and his friend’s story coincided. They stated that all went to the beach and dropped her off at the hotel after they were done. After investigating, the police never saw the friend’s vehicle drop Natalee off via surveillance camera. The story then changed to Natalee and Joran went to the beach, became intimate and when Joran was ready to go back, Natalee didn’t want to so he left her there by herself. After going back and forth from court, Joran was never charged. In 2008, a journalist by the name of Peter de Vires, got a recorded message of a

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