Casablanca Film Critique

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Casablanca 1. Director – Michael Curtiz Humphrey Bogart – As Rick Blaine, the bitter heartbroken man. Ingrid Bergman – As Ilsa Lund, Rick’s past lover. 2. Plot Synopsis: This film is set in Casablanca. The movie opens with soldiers trying to track down liberators. Captain Louis Renault and Major are introduced. Rick Blaine a bitter love sick man, who owns a nightclub/casino called “Rick’s Café Americain”. The first time someone speaks of Rick in the Café; they ask if he would have a drink with them. Rick refuses, like he always does. A German banker tries to get into the Café and Rick sends him away. A man (Ugarte), a friend of Ricks, comes in and asks Rick to hold on to letters of transit. Rick agrees and hides them in Sam’s piano. Ferrari, a rival nightclub owner, comes in to try to by Rick’s club from him. Yvonne, Rick’s girl friend, comes in drunk wondering where Rick has been. Rick blows her off and sends her home. Rick joins Captain Louis Renault and discuss’ what Rick might have done in America. They come into Café together. When Captain Louis Renault informs Rick he is going to arrest someone in his Café. Captain Louis Renault also informs Rick that a man named Victor Laszlo was going to try to obtain two exit visas. They make a bet not to let Victor out of Casablanca. A man is arrested and Rick again says “I stick my neck out for nobody”. Victor Laszlo and Ilsa (Rick’s long lost lover) enter, and the Major and Captain introduce themselves. Ilsa talks to Sam and asked him to play “As Time Goes By”. Rick interrupts Sam’s playing. Rick joins Ilsa, Victor, and the Captain, for a drink for the first time. Curfew hits and everyone goes home. Rick gets drunk thinking about the past with Ilsa. The love they had together in Paris. PAST -They are in Paris in love and happy. The German invade Paris and they must make a run for

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