Court Room Work Group Analysis

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In our society we have a well greased group that composes our court room work group. We can picture the court system as a big circle. The criminal is in the center and surrounding this criminal are: the judge, the prosecutor, the defense, bail, jail, appeals and sentences. There are so many different ideas on what areas of our court system that needs to be changed in order to create that perfect society. The final issue that stops all of these changes from occurring comes down to the budget our court systems are faced with. In order to create more jails, we need more money. In order to hire more police officers, we need more money. And in order to create more courts and court work groups, we need more money. There are several areas in which…show more content…
These individuals are given the task of how to move the trial along and what types of sentences should be asked to the judge after the trial has taken place. There are several methods that prosecutors should employ to deal with crimes. One of these methods could be implementing diversion programs for criminals. Again, by placing such a program on the books this would put society more in charge of what is happening to criminals in their communities. Misconduct of Court Room Players In the courtroom, just as outside of the courtroom, there are always times in which misconduct of a courtroom player takes place. In today's society, misconduct is usually dealt with by removing the individual from their position and if necessary bringing criminal charges against the individual. In the perfect society, we would continue to remove individuals from their positions if misconduct is proven and we cannot avoid bringing about criminal charges because this would just allow other courtroom players to believe that they could get away with crime.…show more content…
These guidelines have been established over many centuries. The sentence more often than not fits the crime, not so much the criminal. There is many times in which the courtroom players need to take into consideration the fact that although the sentence should fit the crime, the individual who has been accused may not have any criminal background and the crime that has been committed should be taken into consideration. An example of this would be an individual who writes a check that bounces in the amount of $50. In Arizona, this individual would go to jail if they did not take care of this. I feel as though this type of crime should be looked at and the punishment needs to fit the criminal not the

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