Why Professional Athletes Should Be Paid

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The amount of money professional athletes receive is what they deserve. The athletes attract a great deal of business to memorabilia shops and other sports related establishments. They inspire and give children someone to admire. It is ignorant to believe that professional athletes aren’t like any other worker. In this day and age we pay for entertainment. These athletes have a true gift to play very well at the sports we all love. I know that we think that we are paying them too much, but in reality we aren't paying them enough. There are three major sports leagues in the United States: Major League Baseball, National Football League, and National Basketball Association. In a report, it was stated, “Together these three leagues make an astonishing $25.5 billion dollars every year. Some of wealthiest franchises from each league are; MLB: Yankees, NFL: Washington Redskins, and NBA: Lakers. Major League Baseball makes about $3.3 billion a year. The leading franchise in baseball is the Yankees which make $832 million every year. In the National Football League the Washington Redskins make the most out of any NFL…show more content…
Alex Rodriguez is the highest paid baseball player and plays on the most popular team, the New York Yankees. In December 2007, he signed a contract worth $275 million for 10 years. People follow his every move and tend to copy whatever he is doing because it is the “hip” thing to do. Alex signed an endorsement deal with “Vita Coco” and advertised the company. In this report, Darren Rovell stated, “The Company sent a picture to the press of Rodriguez holding the product, which did $40 million in business in 2010, with the goal of hitting $100 million in sales this year (Rovell).” Just a picture of Alex Rodriguez drinking the product helped the company gain a lot of profit. Even though he is the highest paid player in baseball, he is able to promote anything he wants because of his

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