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Movie Critic HUM/150 Introduction to Film Studies February 7, 2013 Movie Critic The Blind Side (2009) is the movie chosen for Introduction to Film Studies week five individual assignment. According to “IMDb” (1990-2013), “The movie is centered around the true story of Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock) and Sean Tuohy (Tim McGraw) who take in a poor teenaged African-American, Michael (Big Mike) Oher” (The Blind Side). Big Mike does not know his father and his mommy is a drug addict (“IMDb,” 1990-2013). He has had little schooling and limited abilities to help him learn. Leigh Anne quickly takes control; however, as is her nature, making sure that the young man has every opportunity to be successful. When Big Mike shows he has an aspiration to play football, Leigh Anne goes out her way to help him as well as giving the football coach a few thoughts on how to use Big Mike’s talents. The Tuohy family not only provides Michael with a caring home but also employs an instructor to help him improve his grades to be eligible for an NCAA Division I athletic scholarship (“IMDb,” 1990-2013). Big Mike was the 2009 NFL first-round choice of the Baltimore Ravens draft (The Blind Side). The Blind Side mise-en-scéne is inner-city and with low key and high key lighting with smoke and uninviting atmosphere. Soon after the first scene a car driving through an elegant neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee, on its way to Wingate Christian School seems out place. When the car arrives at the high school Big Mike’s associates father, whose sofa he had been sleeping on, asks the football coach of the Wingate Christian School, to assist with enrolling his son and Mike. The mise-en-scéne at the school changes to natural lighting, and a friendly atmosphere. The film editing was done with creativeness; with various angles of the camera, music, sound effects, and lighting. The way that each shot was
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